Friday, 7 November 2014

Wet and Squishy felt making

Octobers weekend of Experimental Textiles saw us weaving, knitting and felt making.
This was a piece of loose knitting using a very knobbly wool threaded through with white merino wool tops and hand felted with soap and hot water. The result was not very good as the knitting wool and the wool tops did not combine totally so I ended up with a very floppy result.

I placed three layers of black wool tops over the top of the piece and stitched it between two pieces of fine net. Then I put in into the washing machine with an old towel on a hot wash.
After unpicking the net parcel the end result was interesting! A very stiff lump was the result. I now have to decide what to do with it. At least it proves you can felt in the machine giving a much thicker, stiffer felt than by hand.
I also found a bag of small bouncy balls and wrapped them with wool tops using hot soapy water to help the layers stick.
The wrapped balls ready to be wrapped in some old tights to hold everything in.

My stitched paper piece was a disaster so I decided to make a piece of felt in the same colours and maybe combine the two somehow!

I also decided to make a bowl. I layered up some wool tops and placed some small circles of Teflon as resists before the final layer. I then wet felted it until it started to come together and removed the Teflon exposing circles of a lighter colour underneath. I then used an old bowl and squished and squashed the felt onto it. I alternated working the felt either placed inside the bowl or outside the bowl.
This is the point at which I stopped as I like the shape and the edges of the bowl. It is now sitting in the airing cupboard to dry out. All I need now is time to progress these projects to an end result.
I have also started Maddie's quilt - more information to follow.
I think I will have to give up sleep in order to fit everything in.