Monday, 6 October 2014

Colourful weekend

The end of August was another weekend of Experimental Textiles. This was the weekend of the colour wheel which I do not enjoy painting at all!
Here is my attempt albeit upside down! This will be my third colour wheel of my adult life and I hope it will be the last.
This is the tints (add white), shades (add black) and tones (opposite colours from the colour wheel mixed together). I do not like the tones column at all it is very depressing.

After this I tore up one of my printed and colour washed pieces from a previous weekend and pinned it all in a long strip which was quite a surprise to me as I usually end up with square or rectangular shapes. After pinning it all together I backed it with Bondaweb for stability so I could stitch into it.
This is it curled up as it is too long to photograph well. After the stitching is finished I may attach it to wire and make it into a spiral hanging. It will need to be backed with something first.

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