Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Textile happenings

I have been busy since the last post stitching like mad to get my work ready for the Experimental Textiles stand at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch exhibition at the NEC last week. The show was brilliant with so much inspiring textile work on display.

Here are all the sketchbooks on display with a selection of our work on the walls.

The other stand had all the black and white painted journeys from the beginning of the course.

Here is my colourful fabric version of my journey with the black and white one underneath. This took me two months of stitching to get it this far and there are many more hours of work to go before it is finished. I will post sections of it at a later date and give details of the techniques used. As we didn't need to man this stand I have no idea what other people thought of my work which is probably a good thing as I won't be influenced to change it in any way.

I am now working on a pink and white baby quilt for a very special young lady. The top is nearly finished so I will just have to layer it up and quilt it. Pictures to follow.


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  1. Your work had an amazing response - it was wonderful to have it hanging with all the journeys. It is safe at home with me and Jane will be collecting it next weekend - you will no doubt have finished the baby quilt by then and need something to do. x