Monday, 22 June 2015

Flowers and Happiness

Well so much for posting a regular blog. There are always so many things to and family to support which have to take priority.

I have been pottering in the garden for the last few weeks. My gardening style is haphazard to say the least. I pop things in where there is a space so I get a very jumbled look but nature doesn't plant in neat rows and breaks the rules so I do too.

I love this heuchera tucked at the back of the border.
The willow tree trunk is very beautiful.
The ceanothus positively humming with bees.
Self seeded aquilegia pop up all over the place. I just love these flowers swaying gently in the breeze.

The ultimate show offs!

Even the slugs are happy!
An extra bonus of planting green beans last year and not bothering to pick them left me with these wonderful dried pods which have set my creative brain into gear.

This is a leaf of the cucumber plant which was also left in its pot all winter. It has a lovely texture and colour to it.

Not a very interesting blog but I shall persevere.



  1. gorgeous seed heads, I head a light bulb moment with some dried weeds - What are we like?? Not long now. x

  2. Have picked up your blog from fibre and folio. Interesting post. Nice look at your garden and the dried plants are just waiting for a that light bulb moment.