Monday, 30 June 2014

I'm Off Again!

I have had a marvellous weekend in Redditch on an Experimental Textiles course run by Kim Thittichai. Even though his is my second journey along this route there are many more side alleys to explore, dead ends to get stuck in, mountains to climb, rivers to cross and fellow travellers to get to know, fantastic discoveries to make and maybe cake too!!!
After painting an imaginary journey with black paint on a long strip of paper, sections were traced off and transferred to my sketchbook to be painted. One of the tracings was copied onto a large sheet of paper and flipped and mirrored to create a large very interesting design. I have outlined the pencil lines in black to see the effect and then I will be painting it to create a black and white design. I can already see some other designs appearing so will make smaller tracings and repeat this exercise
after dealing with my mother's latest crisis - bees in the chimney!!! Of course these will not be normal bees but a new killer variety from foreign climes and she won't get a wink of sleep until they have been evicted. How she knows they are there is a mystery......... maybe she does have a witches broom after all!
A section of my journey
Outlined flipped design
The original traced design when painted

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